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One Community One Standard unveils plan to stop youth crime


Today I spoke to Jeff Adams, from One Community One Standard in Townsville, about the plan they have unveiled to address the root cause of youth crime. Listen below to our discussion. 

On the weekend One Community One Standard unveiled their plan to tackle youth crime. The plan has been eight months in the making and the main focus is immediate bipartisan action. One Community One Standard is demanding all levels of government actively work together to ensure a bipartisan approach to the youth crime crisis, devoid of party politics and egos, and create real change focused on uniting the community and delivering the generational change that is required to end youth crime. The group was born out of sheer frustration due to the inadequate laws that are failing communities and juvenile offenders. To sign the petition "Change Youth Justice Legislation to reflect Community Standards" click here. To learn more about One Community One Standard click here



Why does the PCYC CLose at 6pm on a Friday/Saturday night?