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New ideas to help save our economy and closure of Plaza Palms


Today I spoke to Warren Entsch, the federal member for Leichhardt, about the idea of an international student corridor and the closure of Plaza Palms. Listen below to our chat. 

An idea has emerged to create an international "student corridor" that would extend the proposed travel bubble from north Queensland to New Zealand. Also, James Cook University is in discussions with the State Government and the Federal Government about the possibility of students from Asia filling the vacant seats on the return freight flights from Hong Kong. The idea would be to open the way for students from Asia who already hold a student visa to commence or return to their studies in Australia. Both ideas are possible ways to help our economy. 

Today Plaza Palms is finally shutting down, the water and electricity will be turned off for the last time. The notorious housing complex has haunted the residents and businesses of McLachlan Street for a decade. Plaza Palms became known for being a crime hot spot, violence, and anti-social behaviour. The long-awaited closure of the complex has come after the site's body corporate failed to secure indemnity insurance. There has been a lengthy campaign to shut down the complex by residents, businesses, state, and federal MP's. Finally, their fight is over.